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President's message

Ono Kougyosho Inc. Employee everyone

Hearty thanks to all of you today as Ono Kougyosho Inc. opens its home page.

Our company was founded as a sheet-metal work shop in Tokyo in 1927 by my grandfather Tomekichi Ono and, thanks to your patronage, continues to this day.

A feature of our company is how we have worked hard over many years to accumulate and hand down “Craftsman Technology” as experts in metal roofing to supply you, our clients. Work dedicated to handmade roofs ranges from Shinto shrines, temples, museums and communal facilities to homes using copper, titanium, stainless steel and other materials. To that end, we can handle various shapes and forms of buildings. With over 6,000 sites to date, we derive great satisfaction on a daily basis from the benefits this provides to so many.

Nowadays, every industry is experiencing the problem of aging traditional craftsmen. While relying on veterans’ skills, ONO has also been promoting younger workers so that there are now numerous workers with acquired skills in their 20s and 30s. It is encouraging to see them gradually appearing at the work sites.

Along with new projects, there are repair and restoration. Employees and craftsmen are dispatched all over the country with reliable quality as our motto. We look forward to your continued support as we single-mindedly pursue the path of sheet-metal working.

Please take a moment to peruse our home page.

Ono Kougyosho Inc.
President  Tomoko  Ono